Redskins Acquire McNabb From Eagles - part 1

The Redskins make news again but this time through a trade and not via free agency. The Redskins often known for their offseason free agent spending sprees were seo experts london busy on Easter Sunday dealing a 2010 2nd Round pick and either a 3rd or 4th Round pick in 2011 based upon performance for Donovan McNabb.

McNabb earlier shot down Oakland Losenoidoomock and Buffalo as possible destinations and as Washington stepped up with an additional pick next year the Eagles felt it was the best offer on the table that was to both McNabb's and the Eagles liking. It was also very classy of the Eagles to honor McNabb's wishes and move him to Washington.

Redskins fans are rejoicing at inserting a team leader and Super Bowl starting quarterback into the lineup, while Eagles fans much watch their team be dismantled and stripped of its offensive statistical leader in most categories. Trades of this magnitude don't occur very often in the NFL let alone dealing a top player to a division rival.

From an Eagles perspective the word rebuilding becomes a dirty and unecessary word to some fans, but after releasing and trading veterans the past couple of years the McNabb trade was the final blow to Philadelphia fans. They'll move forward with McCoy at running back and Kolb at quarterback.

The Redskins are now missing their 2nd Round kolapadaar pick (traded to Philadelphia for McNabb) and their 3rd Round Pick (due to drafting DE Jarmon in the 2009 Supplemental Draft), as well as their 6th Round pick for the DE Taylor trade.

At first glance the trade offers Skins fans the hope of leader at the most important position on the team. Much like UPS says, "What can brown do for you", Redskins fans can now see what a real GM can do for them as the Vinny Cerrato era seems even farther in the rear view mirror with more credible trades and free agent signings this past offseason. More about seo consultant houston

Redskins Acquire McNabb From Eagles - part 2

Shanahan & Allen have remade much of the offensive personnel with the exception of the offensive line unless you count the versatile OL Artis Hicks as the savior. The duo of Shanahan and Allen have assembled Larry Johnson, & Willie Parker at running back and Donovan McNabb & Rex Grossman at quarterback with hold overs Clinton Portis and Jason Campbell creating the type of team compitition the new head coach had talked about  wicked new york tickets.

At 33 years of age, how much is left in the tank for McNabb remains to be seen but now he'll have something he's never had before - a running game with a coach dedicated to pounding the ball. In the short term the Redskins have the ability to win now but how far they go is a different story. The Eagles receive a quality pick in a deep draft to rebuild. Washington receives a bonafide leader and starting quarterback it's desired after trying upgrade the position the past offseason. While the Eagles appear more ready to take a few lumps to rebuild and reload, the Redskins have chosen to defer that decision by taking a similar path of acquiring veteran players like Jason Taylor or Jeff George but hopefully with different results as neither of the afore mentioned players were still contributing near levels in the prime of their career.

The trade also seems to have answered other draft related questions. The acquisition of McNabb indicates that the team didn't have enough ammunation to move up to take the top rated QB on their board - Sam Bradford nor did they think highly enough of Clausen at the #4 overall pick or McCoy with the #37 overall pick. And more about contests, about phantom of the opera ticket prices.

It's still possible for the Redskins to take a QB with the #4 pick, but seems less likely at this point. The team may decide to take more action along the offensive line in order to keep McNabb and any future QB on their feet and not on the ground.

Redskins Acquire McNabb From Eagles - part 3

In what many feel is a deep 2010 draft, the Redskins may also move more aggressively to trade down to acquire additional picks in 2010 or in 2011 to bolster their chances of moving up to take Jake Locker of Washington (who may have been the #1 rated QB on some boards if he had declared for the 2010 draft.) San Francisco and Seattle could also be looking to move up in the draft to take a quarterback and both teams have two 1st Round Picks.

Some good fortune may strike DC twice in consecutive drafts. Should the Redskins decide to hold the #4 pick they could find the LT they so desperately need in Okung or if Detroit decides to keep Matt Stafford standing upright by selecting an OT one the top Defensive Tackles could slip right into their hands to pair up along side Orakpo & Haynesworth. And you can see more here  tickets for book of mormon.

With three veteran running backs and quarterbacks on the roster, the team may not be finished with an extreme make over on offense before the draft. Adding more picks and quality along the both sides of the lines would be a top priorty especially if the team chooses to line up in a 3-4 defense.

The trade just changed the dynamics within the division and NFC besides stroking the fire of division rivalry games. The physcial division match-up just went up a few notches. The match up has a history of very close games being played dating back to Joe Gibbs Version 1.0 and now will take on even more meaning the next few years.